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This is a post I wasn’t hoping to compose. In any event , I’m composing it in light of the fact that my last post – the one about having my Romanian residency visa cannot – surely went a startling way.

Let me recap what that post on Tuesday was about:

I applied for a 1-year brief residency visa in Romania, the visa was won’t thus I left the nation.

That was it.

However some way or another, a discussion was made. The entrancing part is that the contention was made, not without anyone else’s input, however by a couple of irate analysts who appeared to decipher my post in their own intriguing manner.

I got terrible remarks and messages from individuals who were raising focuses that, not exclusively were off base or simply silly, yet had literally nothing at all to do with what I wrote in the post.

How about we investigate…

Um, I’m Not Upset

At no time at all in that last post did I express that I was vexed right now about my Romanian visa circumstance. Indeed, I mentioned my underlying indignation at being told my visa was dismissed after I had just been told it was acknowledged by migration. In any event, that curious action kept going around 5 minutes. From that point forward, I left the migration office, got together my stuff and left the nation the following day.

In my post, I didn’t whine, I didn’t state it was a wrongdoing that I wasn’t given the visa. I don’t anticipate that anybody should be caring about this circumstance. I don’t accuse anybody in Romania or the Romanian government. I never talk adversely about Romania as a nation or about the movement specialists or about anybody by any means.

I just recounted to the account of what occurred.

Things occur, so it goes, not a problem. I’ll endure fine and dandy. I’m truly not very vexed about everything.

Yet, it’s mind boggling to perceive how started up individuals get about things I didn’t state. Maybe some were trusting that the principal opportunity will communicate their own displeasure at something, at life, and I clearly, and coincidentally, gave it. Thus I think a couple of things need examining now… and here’s a decent spot to begin.

Break My Legs? Pleasant.

For reasons not-known, a couple of you got the thought (without knowing me or doing any exploration on my webpage whatsoever obviously), that I just appeared at the Romanian migration office and stated, “I’m a cool blogger, give me residency.”

All things considered, sorry to frustrate you yet that is a long way from the matter. I observed the standards simply like anybody. I really followed precisely what the Romanian movement specialists guided me to do so as to be conceded the residency visa. I remained in line for 3 days to apply for my visa, managing total tumult at the migration office every day. I bought medical coverage, got my legitimately  approved records, had my confirmation of convenience, did all that I was told. In any matter.

In this way, in light of the entirety of this, I truly can’t comprehend why one of you would compose this remark:

“Ohh, a story so tragic, I’m heartbroken, when back in Bucharest, let me know, we drink a brew together and after I will break your legs, return where you originated from That is for your tricky story.”

As much as that remark made me chuckle, it’s somewhat, well, foolish? Youthful, possibly? I can positively comprehend why you didn’t utilize your genuine name while presenting that remark. Great call my companion.

We should proceed onward to two or three different ‘focuses’ that some disturbed analysts raised, regularly vividly, because of my last post.

US Immigration

A couple of individuals appeared to be stuck on the US movement issue, with so much remarks as:

“Truly, I am extremely cheerful that it occurred! It is first time in my life I heard an American was denied a visa to remain in Bucharest. It is a decent chance to help you that hundreds to remember a large number of Romanians have been denied a visa by the US Embassy paying little heed to their status, business, instruction and so forth. Do you know the heap of papers one needs to apply for a visa to the US Embassy? Do you realize that US Embassy doesn’t address you as to the refusal reasons as the Romanian migration official did with you? Do you realize how mortified Romanians feel hence?”

Close-up Of Gavel And Passport In Front Of Law Book

“Sorry to learn about this however remember the way that for me, a Romanian, getting a US visa implies setting off to a meeting, feeling mortified, assemble a huge amount of dollars to demonstrate I’m not some destitute and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Which is the reason US is out of my movement list for good. So I can’t find a good pace American soil for 1 second. Is an extraordinary thing, right?”

“Be that as it may, for what reason am I so glad, well above all else on the grounds that as a Romanian I can’t enter USA without a visa and to get that visa I need to embarrass myself: I need to go to Bucharest (6-8h via train) hang tight in line for another 5-6 hours, pass a meeting (which I don’t know I will have the option to pass, etc… This is simply to enter the nation, eat a major macintosh and escape the nation, also just to pay for my boarding pass I need to work 3 months on the lowest pay permitted by law here in Romania. At the end of the day, the way US gov. treats Romanians, a similar way should Romanian government treat you – to embarrass you.”

Alright, hold up a moment.

To start with, this correlation is totally unessential to my post and to my circumstance so those things you said above aren’t generally things you needed to state to me. I don’t have anything to do with US migration strategy (about as much as you have to do with the Romanian movement arrangement) so there’s actually no sense in accusing me or carrying that into the conversation. Yet, all things considered, I believe we’re discussing fairly various scales here as I have an inclination there are marginally more individuals that US movement must arrangement with than the Romanian migration. There are reasons the US should be stricter. Once more, I’m not able to talk about movement strategy however I believe it’s more mind boggling than nations simply attempting to embarrass others.

I’m not saying that it’s reasonable for the individuals who truly need to visit and I’m not saying that Romanians need to proceed to remain there unlawfully either. In any event, some analysts caused it to appear as though the US is singling out Romanians explicitly. Apologies, however that is not the situation. Most nations on the planet need to experience a visa procedure to get into the US, that is exactly how it goes given the conditions, which are, once more, conditions that Romania doesn’t look as far as migration, subsequently the distinction in system.

In any condition, and this is only for conversation purpose since it additionally doesn’t have to do with my last post by any stretch of the imagination, how about we talk about the “getting a US visa implies setting off to a meeting, feeling embarrassed, assemble a huge amount of dollars to demonstrate I’m not some destitute and that’s only the tip of the iceberg” and “at the end of the day, the way US gov. treats Romanians, a similar way should Romanian government treat you – to mortify you” part.

I’m heartbroken, however that is not valid from the data I’ve gotten. Maybe some of you have been dismissed for a US traveler visa yet out of the considerable number of Romanians I’ve met who have applied for a US vacationer visa (at any rate 15 individuals I’ve conversed with since I consider it), they all:

  • Were not embarrassed at all by any stretch of the imagination
  • Gotten the multi year visitor visa
  • Had a ‘meet’ that comprised of 2 or 3 speedy inquiries at the counter
  • Never needed to show a lot of administrative work or bank proclamations or confirmation of business despite the fact that they carried that desk work with them (truth be told, a portion of these individuals were jobless when they applied)

Truth be told, while some may whine about sitting tight for 5-6 hours in line to get your US visa, let me advise you that I trusted that three days will apply for my Romanian visa, three insane days. With the goal that 1 day isn’t so awful considering the measure of uses they process and from what I hear, it’s very sorted out inside the US Embassy, something that the Romanian movement office isn’t sadly.

This entire ‘mortification’ thing doesn’t appear to be the situation any longer. I truly can’t discover, and trust me I attempted to today, somebody who had a mortifying or incredibly troublesome experience when attempting to get a US vacationer visa. I’m certain some of you will say you did, and that is deplorable without a doubt, however it doesn’t appear as though all Romanians are having an extremely intense time with this.

Because I Have a Blog?

“I mean truly, you truly expected a residency visa since you advance Romania on a blog?… I truly can’t think about a nation ready to give you a living arrangement visa for your thought processes and purposes.”

All things considered, I can consider one. It’s called Romania. As two or three analysts called attention to on the last post, I was at that point given a Romanian brief residency visa for these very thought processes and purposes. Truth be told, I had a gathering in those days with the Romanian migration authorities (they have week after week crowds where you can converse with them and pose inquiries) and they really let me know precisely what I expected to do to get the visa dependent on being a blogger. I adhered to their directions, which included an agreement with a Romanian association, and I was given the residency visa. So there you go.

No Intention of Paying Taxes

“I don’t have the foggiest idea why you are astonished that they didn’t give a visa to somebody who has no goal of paying assessments in the nation.”

Romania has a classification of transitory residency visa called “Other” and this is the class that the migration officials, during my gathering with them, guided me to apply for. This classification is utilized for candidates who need to remain in the nation however who won’t be working or considering there. It’s for, and I quote from the Romanian movement site, “Different exercises which are not in opposition to the Romanian laws”.

Along these lines, I observed the standards for that classification as taught by Romanian movement authorities, and applied, once more, accepting the visa with no issue. Likewise, during my gathering with authorities, it was raised that I was a decent contender for the impermanent residency visa since I didn’t utilize any administration assets but then I go through a great deal of cash in the nation.

Another Unemployed Man

“Additionally, by composing a blog, you don’t give adequate proof that you can continue yourself in Romania and another jobless man to support isn’t what we as Romanians want.”


Sufficiently reasonable, in the event that I was jobless. Be that as it may, I am utilized (I run two organizations) and I win a decent compensation and I was really told, by the movement official, while applying for my visa, that American candidates don’t have to show evidence of pay or any bank articulations. I had the announcements printed out and prepared to deliver however the official gave them back to me when I applied and said they didn’t require them. On the off chance that they looked at them, I’m very sure they would have seen the numbers as more than adequate proof that I can continue myself.

Three Final Notes

  • I didn’t favor each remark that I got on my last post. Those with irreverence, those that included un-safe to either myself or others and those that were simply very inconsiderate were erased.
  • It’s somewhat frustrating how individuals will in general judge so rapidly, to shape a supposition dependent on almost no data. What’s more, here and there, this originates from exactly the same individuals who like to be made a decision as people themselves and not founded on generalizations. Many individuals were prepared to exclaim their decision and to be so terrible about it, while never posing any inquiries or setting aside some effort to get familiar with the circumstance. It’s lamentable and a decent update that there are in every condition a greater number of points to each story than what we at first may think.
  • Indeed, I despite everything love Romania, I despite everything believe it’s a great goal to visit with such a great amount to offer I despite everything love the individuals that I’ve met everywhere throughout the nation. Much obliged to you to all of you who made my time in your nation so fulfilling and a flat out feature of my 15 years of movement… I’m certain I will see you once more!

There you have it. That is my reaction to the incidental ‘debate’ made by my last post. What’s more, that is additionally the last I’ll discuss it since, indeed, it was only a story.

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